Sep 16

Island Filmmakers screening at the Atlantic Film Festival

The presence of Island filmmakers at this year’s Atlantic Film Festival is amazing! We proudly celebrate the achievements of our members. Great work everyone!


September in Toronto.


 “A journey back to the city of my birth—Toronto. How memory mixes with fresh experience. How experience comes in flashes, and fragments, impressions, and fleeting sensations.”

Across America.


“Not long ago my partner and I traversed the vast country of America (US). This dreamy lyrical documentary muses on the subtle shifts in landscape and how land shapes culture, and how tied together these elements create a national identity.

“i ran my hand over the spine of america / how coast lines become forests / turn foothills and mountains / how mountains level / to plateaus / grasslands crack wide to canyons / species shift / obeying the land / culture catches the light of the land / and beast / reflects and refines / all one land / one body / one animal family / breathe in and out / america.”  Source:


TINY TOWN – Jenna MacMillan, Tess Marie Garneau and Thom Smalley


Double bill at AFF!



PERISCOPE PICTURES – Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson


Presenting the Singing to Myself trailer. This isn’t a thousand dollar movie, it’s a million dollar movie!


“Debt. Underemployment. Awkward relationships.

Dissatisfied with her options in the world of striving, a young deaf woman, Iris, decides to give up on yearning to connect. Instead she floats along, working at a greenhouse, embracing her silent solitude and learning to be happy with less.

Everything is going just fine until she meets a precocious musician named Celeste.

Beautifully shot on Prince Edward lsland, Singing to Myself is an intimate gaze into the complexity and ease of female friendship.”

A 1K Wave Atlantic recipient and the second feature film from Harmony Wagner. Premieres Sept. 20, 3:30 pm at Park Lane Cineplex Cinemas as part of the Atlantic Film Festival.





Bluefin is a tale of epic stakes set in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, known as the “tuna capital of the world.” Local fishermen swear the spectacular Atlantic bluefin tuna are so plentiful here they literally eat out of people’s hands. But many scientists contend the species is on the brink of collapse. Scientific assessments indicate tuna stocks are down by 90 percent. Can both claims be true?

With stunning cinematography, Director John Hopkins documents this baffling mystery, and brings the issues into sharp focus. How much of the oceans’ wildlife should we fish, and how much must we conserve? At the heart of the documentary lies a passionate concern about giant bluefin, the key breeders capable of replenishing the decimated stocks of the largest tuna species in the world.

Aug 16

It’s a wrap … for now!

Today marks the official wrap of the residency of Amanda Dawn Christie. IMAC would like to thank Amanda so much for working in our space and making such a wonderful piece for Art In The Open. We are sad to see Amanda go but so excited to see how she expands on the work she created here.

After packing up Amanda we had to say good-bye to our resource room. So it’ll be a bit cramped up in IMAC for a while till things get reorganized but in the end it’ll be worth it.

And on the topic of wrapping, we’ve officially wrapped the Lovely Witches Club shoot! Woohoo! Hoping for a January 1 release date but will keep you posted.

Speaking of microbudget I’ve signed out equipment to at least 2 teams this summer that are creating the trailers for their microbudget applications already. Very smart move. I highly recommend getting your microbudget applications in order as soon as you can to work them until they are perfect. As always I am here to offer information and insight.

So many people are shooting in September! It’s amazing! Jeremy Larter shoots his Pogey Beach feature soon. Mille Clarkes is shooting a documentary. Scott Parsons and his team are shooting a trailer for their Jupiter Wise project. And Adam Perry shoots the short version of his film A Small Fortune.

We also have several filmmakers going to the Atlantic Film Festival this year including Mille Clarkes, John Hopkins and Jenna MacMillan and her team.

Very exciting time for film on PEI! If you have a story to tell me give me a shout and we’ll make sure to feature you in a blog post!

Big things are on the horizon for IMAC. Stay tuned for more info or better yet come to the AGM this month! I’ll be sending out invitations soon.


Aug 16

INVITATION for a Wine and Cheese Open House with Amanda Dawn Christie

Open Studio/Wine and Cheese Reception: Monday, August 29, 2pm – 4pm  

IMAC artist in residence, Amanda Dawn Christie is wrapping up her one month of research and creation on the island, and is opening up her studio to IMAC members and the general public who are interested to come and visit, to see her work space and her tools, and to say goodbye before she leaves the island!

On display will be three different models of 16mm film loopers that were brought in from Toronto, Sackville, and Halifax… come take a look and see how they work!

During her residency at IMAC she created a new installation work for Art in the Open.  The installation is called “Where Ocean Meets Air” and involves three 16mm film loops that were hand-processed in salt water from the ocean, as well as a pool of water for reflecting the projection images, and performance.  The work will be installed in Memorial Hall at the Confederation Centre from 4pm – midnight on Saturday, August 27, as a part of Art in the Open.

Amanda Dawn Christie is an accomplished filmmaker, working in both documentary and experimental film, as well as a visual artist and performance artist.  She has been exhibiting films and videos in art gallery contexts since 1997.  Her first feature film, Spectres of Shortwave will have its world premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival this fall on September 22.

Thanks so much to Amanda for working with us during this crazy summer. The DIY filmmaking  workshop she put on was amazing was amazing and we are so excited to see what she’s been working on during the Art In the Open presentation.

We encourage you to go to Art In the Open and to come meet and greet Amanda during a wine and cheese reception before she heads back to New Brunswick.

Jul 16

D.I.Y. Filmmaking

diy film poster rev

Jun 16

BIG NEWS – Island project gets chosen as a finalist for Telefilm’s Micro-budget Production Program

lwc logo

IMAC is happy to announce that its recommended project “The Lovely Witches Club” created by Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen has been selected as a finalist for 2016 Telefilm Micro-Budget Production Program! The project’s producer and co-director Renee Laprise was excited to get the news.

“We are just so excited to get started! Patti (Larsen) and I have been working on various incarnations of the Lovely Witches Club since 2009. From an online creative group to the epic Witches Ball Halloween parties in 2009, 2010 and 2015, the Lovely Witches Club has been a creative space for women to express themselves in a variety of ways.  To be able to embody the essence of the Lovely Witches Club in fictional stories on the web and in novels is really a dream come true.

We’ll be casting in late June and shooting in August and part of the marketing strategy is to let people follow the process step by step. We have an extensive marketing strategy in mind and it’s being expanded by our marketing expert Annelise Larson who has extensive experience with Telefilm projects. This is going to be a really fun project for us to make and for people to experience as a process and as a final viewing and reading experience. We are starting the process June 27th so go to to watch the whole thing unfold.

Patti and I really want to thank the IMAC selection committee, the IMAC board, our mentors and Telefilm and the Talent Fund for being awesome and giving us such a wonderful opportunity.”

The Lovely Witches Club is a 7 x 11 minute episode paranormal webseries that follows a young disillusioned filmmaker hired by the so-called “witches” of Prince Edward Island to make a documentary about them only to discover the Island’s magic has been cursed and she’s the only one that can break it.

*** Watch for the novellas written by award winning author Patti Larsen based on the Lovely Witches Club webseries to be released during the series launch in January 2017. ***

Find the official TELEFILM press release HERE.

Apr 16

Free Screening – Identity Routes


Identity Routes

City Cinema, 1-4 pm, free screening

An afternoon of films showcasing Canadian authored stories that contribute to the understanding of global identities.

IMAC member Pravakar Thapa (PE)  will discuss his film during the event.

Films being screened:

Tarek Abouamin – 18 Days
Ariel Nasr – Buzkashi Boys (Academy Award Nominee)

This event is in partnership with, Reading Town and PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada.

Apr 16

IMAC is looking for 2 people to join our team.

IMAC is hiring 2 people for six month contracts through the Skills Work Experience Program. These positions require that you are EI eligible so please call Skills PEI to find out the process.


Position #1 –  Youth Program Director Extraordinaire: you will work with IMAC’s ED to design programs for youth and then deliver that programming either at IMAC or at various locations.


Position #2 – Media Content Creator/Equipment Room Wizard:  you’ll be working with IMAC’s ED in the equipment room doing inventory and then you’ll be shooting/editing videos with some IMAC members demonstrating that equipment. These videos will become part of IMAC’s Youtube channel.


Skills PEI requires that this be a 40 hour week the majority of which happens at IMAC in Charlottetown. You may be working off site if the project requires it.


Wage is paid by Skills PEI and is $537.00/week and positions start May 23rd and end November 18th.

Please be advised that these are not insurable hours and working on this project will use up your current EI hours. If you have collected EI in the last 3 years and are out of hours or if you have been on maternity leave or disability in the last 5 years you may still be eligible for this position.


Contact the Executive Director, Renee Laprise at to discuss these positions further and to send in your resume.  Please make sure you are EI eligible before applying.
Apr 16

National Canadian Film Day April 20th!


IMAC and the Charlottetown Film Society invite you all to celebrate National Canadian Film Day with us at City Cinema on April 20th at 9pm.

We will be screening :
not my brother

“Not My Brother” a short film by Island filmmaker Jenna MacMillan



“The Grand Seduction” a feature film by Don McKellar

This is a free screening but we’ll be taking donations at the door to help IMAC bring more programming to Island filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

For deets on the event click here. 

For more info check on NCFD at

Apr 16

Congratulations to Harmony Wagner for winning a place in the 1kWave Atlantic Challenge



5 New Features in 5 Months for $5000
Written and Directed by Women
In Atlantic Canada

1KWAVEATLANTIC is a call for brave and bold features from Atlantic Canadian women. The initiative will allow 5 female filmmakers the opportunity to make a feature film under the guidance of industry mentors. WIFT-AT and punk FILMS are now pleased and excited to announce the 5 chosen filmmakers who will write, direct and edit their features in the next 5 months!

“We received strong submissions from women all across Atlantic Canada, making the choice a difficult one. But the jury, made up of Ingrid Veninger, Kimberlee McTaggart, and Martine Blue, narrowed it down to 5 filmmakers that represent a great cross section of film experience, themes, and genres. We are pleased to be joined in this adventure by our sponsors – Warren P.Sonoda, Telefilm Canada, The Harold Greenberg Fund, The NFB, and our generous in-kind sponsor, Brian Power and The Hideout Studios, Kimberlee McTaggart, WIFT-AT
The First Five Minutes is a documentary that will follow several amateur comics as they struggle to write their first five minutes of jokes, while facing many obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the mic.
“I think a lot of people feel barriers when it comes to making art and the chance to be paired with a mentor really helps eliminate a lot of the fear. I can’t wait!”

Taking Care of Life is an experimental documentary film that questions what “taking care of life” means and how to achieve it.
“I am excited and terrified! I feel this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m looking forward to it! I trust that the support of the many mentors will help me go through this fast pace journey. “


Ariyah and Tristan’s Inevitable BreakUp is a drama that follows a couple as they struggle through the ups and downs of a modern romance and an unplanned pregnancy.
As daunting as making a feature in five months is, it feels just crazy enough to work. Having the support of the community, WIFT, pUNK FILMS and all of the mentors is the ideal way to make my first feature

Head Space is a comedy/drama about Floyd, an agoraphobic with no intention of ever leaving his basement. When summoned for jury duty, He must confront his past, his present and the great big scary unknown that is the outside world.
It is going to be a huge challenge but I can’t wait to see what we come up with! I would like to apologize in advance to my friends and family, as I imagine I won’t be seeing much of them in the next 5 months.”

Singing to Yourself is a drama that answers the question – when a young deaf woman decides to forsake the world, what can pull her from her island of silence?
I think people get scared to hire women directors when big bucks are on the line.  If five women can crank out five features in five months with five thousand dollars, then we’ve done our part to say it’s time to put those fears aside ”

MARCH 20th – Submission Deadline.

MARCH 30th – Decision Calls and Filmmaker Agreements Signed.
APRIL – Project Writing and Pre-Production.
Production Mentors: Ingrid Veninger, Kimberlee McTaggart, with more to be announced.

MAY - Production. 4 week window to shoot.

JUNE – Picture edit and Preliminary Sound.

JUNE 30th – Submit Picture Locked Films to Fall Festivals.

JULY – Color Grade and 1 Day Sound Mix at Hideout Studios.

AUGUST - Prep Promotional Materials.
Marketing Mentor: Jan Miller.

SEPTEMBER - Screen & Celebrate the 1KWAVE ATLANTIC feature films.
For interviews, please contact Katie Godfrey of WIFT-AT:

“I can’t wait to see the five new features made by women in Atlantic Canada – They are going to be fierce!” Ingrid Veninger, pUNK FILMS


Apr 16

Sound workshops happening this month

IMAC film school logo

Hi everyone – sorry I’m a bit behind on advertising for these!!!

We have 2 sound workshops focused on field recording happening this month. For more info on these just click the links.

Sat, April 9 – Intro to Sound with Luke Leunes 

Sat, April 23 – Advanced Sound with Adam Gallant 

Both require pre-registration. Message me at or call 902-892-3131.