Apr 15

IMAC receives a surprise gift!

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IMAC would like to thank The Co-operators for their generous donation to our organization this year.  The Co-operators donates yearly across the Maritimes to deserving co-operative organizations. This was a very unexpected and extremely exciting gift for us to receive this year. Thank you so very much to Craig Cooper, the agency owner for The Co-operators, Cooper and Associates Inc.  in Charlottetown for delivering the awesome news.



Apr 15

What does investing in a FILM INDUSTRY look like?

Nova Scotia has made some brilliant videos that clarify exactly what investment in a film industry looks like.  Keep in mind PEI is currently the only province (or territory) that has NO investment whatsoever.

It’s easy to get confused by the numbers. It’s not a simple system to understand or explain but these videos are great and they illustrate how things could work here. There is money to be made in the film sector through jobs created and money spent in the creation of film and video.  Not to mention the restaurants we eat at and the accountants we hire, the taxes we pay and the taxes that the people we buy goods and services from pay.

Thanks for NS for getting this information out there in such an easy to understand way. We hope that the NS industry can find its way through this dark time.  It is essential to the Maritimes that we have as many voices as possible telling our stories!

Apr 15

A Media Incentive Program for PEI?

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For Immediate Release April 14, 2015

The Island Media Arts Cooperative and the PEI film community have been working diligently over the last several years to build the film sector in PEI and it is very encouraging to hear recent comments from political parties interested in discussing investment in our sector.

IMAC, the representative of PEI’s film sector, is made up of Emmy and Gemini award winning filmmakers and TV producers. We are a rising industry with our own successes that could make our mark if a PEI government would collaborate with us on developing a sustainable media incentive program.

A media incentive program for the PEI media industry would be instrumental in ensuring that PEI projects are made in PEI.  Incentives such as labour rebates are key to triggering off Island funds that allow projects to be made. There are currently off Island funds set aside specifically for PEI media projects that aren’t being used because the trigger funding that would be provided by a provincial media incentive program is not in place.

A thriving media industry shows a return on investment through the creation of high tech jobs and on Island spending in the form of goods, services and taxes. Return can be as much as three times the investment as seen in Nova Scotia.

Investment means retention of young professionals and their families.

Investment means Island stories and landscapes get put on the screen to get PEI known around the world as a destination to explore.

 The PEI media sector knows the hardships of Nova Scotia’s current situation first hand.  For example, Jason Arsenault, an Island filmmaker, is in development with his project “Wharf Rats”, a $2 million feature film. Jason and the production company he is working with would like to shoot the PEI story on the Island, however without the initial investment from the province this can’t happen.

“I think what can be stated for certain … is that this company has taught me that without a credit there’s no sense in me pitching Island based stories to producers that can afford to make real projects. So for my career to grow and be Island based, there needs to be a tax credit. Otherwise, I need need to start thinking about leaving those themes behind.”

2014 saw Jason Arsenault and Island filmmaker, Mille Clarkes, receive the first BravoFactual grant to shoot a documentary. Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson also won a Telefilm microbudget grant to shoot their feature film Kooperman.  With an incentive program in place the activity in this sector could increase exponentially.

IMAC is actively pursuing opportunities to meet with all political parties and discuss with them the benefits of investing in the film industry on Prince Edward Island.

For further information contact

Nils Ling, Board President, 902-940-0147

Renee Laprise, Executive Director, 902-892-3131

Mar 15

IMAC recommends Adam Perry’s “A Small Fortune” for Telefilm’s Microbudget Program

adamIMAC is pleased to announce that it has chosen Adam Perry’s feature film proposal “A Small Fortune” as this year’s IMAC recommended submission to the Telefilm Microbudget Program.  The proposal has been submitted to Telefilm to be juried along with 30 other film submissions from across Canada. Should Perry be selected he will be granted $120 000 to make his feature film “A Small Fortune”. The film follows Irish moss farmer Kevin Doucette who discovers a bag of money in the water off the banks of Prince Edward Island.  His life is turned around. His pregnant girlfriend, Sam, thinks it’s a blessing until a body washes up on shore and the local police begin an investigation. As they decide what side of the law to tread, tensions rise when an amateur crook begins a hunt for the missing money. Before long, Kevin and Sam find themselves in the middle of a deadly chase as one bad decision leads them down an ugly path of regret.

Perry is no stranger to film making. In 2007 he and Jeremy Larter created 2 seasons Profile PEI, a comedy series that follows the misadventures of a wannabe script writer. In 2009 Adam completed his second web series, Jiggers, a dramedy that tells the story of a slow-footed step dancer and a rapper. Recently Adam has been involved in a few culinary projects with Chef Michael Smith. 2010 held the release of Food Country, featuring an in depth look at where our food comes from on Prince Edward Island. He then shot and directed Chef Michael Smith in 2011’s Discover Lentils with a focus on the Lentil growing industry in Saskatchewan. The Food Network then requested a back to basics cooking web series called Chef Michael’s Kitchen in 2011 for their website. In 2012 Adam was called up to the big leagues and the series was developed into a television show and is now airing on the Food Network channel across Canada.  Most recently he traveled the globe to film his latest web series, Lentil Hunter. Adam is currently developing a number of feature length films and continues to help other filmmakers when he can.

Perry, the writer/director on this project and has enlisted the talents of Island filmmakers Jenna MacMillan and Jason Arsenault as the film’s producers.

IMAC is very confident that “A Small Fortune” will be one of the stronger submissions to Telefilm this year. IMAC’s Executive Director Renee Laprise commented, “It would be fantastic to have a second Island feature chosen to be funded by Telefilm.  Last year Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson won with Kooperman and they are currently in post production with it. A lot was learned and will be passed on I’m sure! As for Adam, he is one of IMAC’s most prolific filmmakers. He’s been working really hard to build up his career to this point.  I’m really excited for him! You can see from the trailer he created for the application that this film is going to be amazing.”

To see the trailer go to  Winners should be announced some time in early May.

Mar 15

The Charlottetown Film Festival


The Charlottetown Film Society, dedicated to making a vital contribution to film culture on the Island, is launched the inaugural Charlottetown Film Festival at City Cinema on October 16th, 2015

In its first year, the Charlottetown Film Festival showcased and celebrated screen works by filmmakers from Prince Edward Island and all of Atlantic Canada, with a special focus on short films, web series and music videos.

At the helm as Executive Director is industry veteran Cheryl Wagner who curated IMAF  ‘the little film festival of big dreams’ in both 2013 and 2014, under the banner of the Island Media Arts Co-op. Screenings, workshops and industry panels combined with lively receptions delivered a memorable weekend for film fans and filmmakers at City Cinema last October.

Saving you a seat in 2016…


Mar 15

IMAC is looking for creative people with great ideas!

We are currently applying for funding to get 5 creative people into a residency program in which they can work and get mentored.  Take a look at what we are proposing!


Mar 15

IMAC Filmclub selection for March is “Selma”





Come to City Cinema March 11 at 6:45 to watch Academy Award Nominated “SELMA”. Discussion to follow!  For more details.


Jan 15

Wharf Rats Feature Film

wharf ratsThe PEI filmmaking team of Jason Arsenault, Robbie Carruthers and Dennis Trainor are on their way to producing a feature length film based on their tv-show concept ‘Wharf Rats’ which they developed for the CBC/CineCoup online competition ‘ComedyCoup’. Wharf Rats lead the ComedyCoup competition by way of audience views and votes online, but in the end their project did not win the grand prize of $500,000 to develop a TV pilot. But this Island-team won something perhaps even better; a chance to develop and shoot a feature film on PEI! The team is currently in talks with the production company CineCoup and writing the feature-script. If all goes according to plan, they could be filming this feature in the summer of 2015 right here on PEI! Read The Guardian article!

Jan 15

IMAC Film Club

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Come out  and watch some cool films and chat with other film fans.  Monthly draws for free tickets too!

Details here.

Jan 15

Microbudget Filmmaking 101

Join us Thurs, January 15 at 6:00pm for our first IMAC workshop of 2015!!!

Microbudget Filmmaking 101 with IMAC members and creators of Kooperman, Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson.

microbudget workshop