Check out IMAC’s equipment inventory/price list.

Producer Members have equipment rental privileges if they can demonstrate that they can use the equipment.

General Members have access to some entry level equipment.


 IMAC is committed to helping our members build successful creative careers. We offer a 85% reduced rate for members renting for creative projects. We are happy to accommodate commercial productions as well. Contact for more information.
NOTE: only IMAC Members in good standing may rent equipment.

Members are liable for the $500 deductible for lost/stole/broken equipment.

RATES: Artist Rates (85% discounted) pertain to equipment rented for works that FORWARD THE MEMBER’S CREATIVE CAREER and to which they HOLD COPYRIGHT. This does NOT include content created to promote a business. Any rentals for ARCHIVING or CREATING CONTENT for non-profit organizations must be approved by the ED before equipment is booked. Any other instances of equipment use are subject to Commercial Rate (fair market rate).  (see for membership info)

(if rental fees tally under $10 the bill will be adjusted to $10 to pay for administration costs)
MINIMUM RENTAL DAYS: 1 Day regardless of equipment use.

(if rental/return of equipment needs to happen outside of office hours)

PACKAGE RATES: Due to limitations in administrative resources IMAC cannot offer specific package rates other than 1 day weekend rates.