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Jun 11

IMAC Demo Reels



Apr 11

Warming Up – Rachael Hicken

An engaging look into an exhibition that opened in tandem with ECMA festivities, at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

From the creators:

“Warming Up looks at what goes on behind the scenes of musical performance, the social ties and spaces, things and practices that produce and sustain a creative community.”

Mar 11

Kesalul – Eliza Knockwood

YouTube Preview Image

From producers, Eliza Knockwood and Kathryn McKernan: “Kesalul (i am a part of you, you are a apart of me)- Renewal of the four sacred directions: is a documentary about healing as individuals, but also in our family, communities and planet.”

Mar 11

Ponderings: Heaven – Jeremy Larter

Two men ponder what awaits us in the afterlife. Viewer Discretion is Advised(NSFW). Made in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

“They don’t wear bikinis. They are fully clothed – all of them.”

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